Anti-Aging IV Therapy

  • B Complex 

  • L Carnitine 

  • L Glycine 

  • L Lysine 

  • Methylcobalamin 

  • Magnesium Chloride 

  • Calcium Glucognate 

  • Vitamin C 

  • Trace Minerals,

  • Sodium Bicarbonate 

  • Glutathione 

  • Normal Saline


Once a month for AT LEAST 10 months


The Anti-Aging IV Therapy is for those who want to feel youthful from the inside to receive benefits in the appearance of the skin. This intravenous therapy is a strong blend of antioxidants that support strong cognition and healthy aging.  This intravenous therapy should be used in a series of ten to help support the repair mechanism in the body while strengthening brain function, bones, connective tissue and energy.

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