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  • Glutathione is an amino acid found in fresh fruits and vegetables. However, an unhealthy diet and stress can reduce levels of this naturally derived mineral, and lead to numerous symptoms associated with aging. Since glutathione is poorly absorbed if administered orally, IV is recommended.


  • Glutathione improves immune function and helps fight and prevent disease.

  • Glutathione lightens and brightens skin by erasing hyper-pigmentation and inhibiting melanin production in cells.

  • Glutathione reduces inflammation.

  • Glutathione helps your body break down and purge fat.

  • Glutathione keeps your body from becoming resistant to drugs.

  • Glutathione promotes high energy and mental clarity.

  • Glutathione has anti-aging properties.

  • Glutathione can improve quality of sleep and combat stress from sleep apnea.

  • Glutathione is the ultimate detoxifier and fights oxidative stress.